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As a full-service mechanical contractor, our Installation Division is one part of our holistic approach to mechanical systems. And because we have our own in-house Service Division, our Installation Division is always considering the serviceability of the systems we install, making sure everything is easily accessible and simple to maintain for our customers in Vermont, New York, and New Hamphshire.

In-House Fabrication Shop

180ICV7_thumb.jpgOur Installation Division is a team of sheet-metal mechanics, licensed plumbers, pipe fitters and certified welders. They ply their trades in our fabrication shop where we create all of the ductwork and fittings that we install for forced hot- and cold-air systems, exhaust air systems and specialty ventilation systems. Our sheet metal fabrication shop is also capable of fabricating heavy-gauge breaching for industrial boilers.


In-House Welding Shop

180weld_shop2_thumb.jpgThe Installation Division is also equipped with a welding fabrication shop where we perform all of our pipe welding and specialty metal fabrication. The welding shop features:

• An overhead crane that traverses the shop, allowing us to rig and move large bore pipe, fittings and equipment

• A large band saw capable of cutting pipe up to 18” in diameter

• An ironworker capable of punching one-inch diameter holes in steel plates up to one inch thick

• A tube bender for fabricating railings and bending dairy tubing

• An orbital welder for specialty applications

• An assortment of other welders for carbon, stainless steel and aluminum

Dedicated Tradesmen

180MAS_employees_thumb.jpgAs nice as it is to have access to all of this equipment, it is the knowledge, professionalism and dedication of our employees that helps us create long-term relationships with our customers. Mountain Air Systems' plumbers, pipe fitters and welders all belong to the United Association of Plumbers, Pipefitters, Welders and Service Technicians Local 693. The union provides extensive training for all of its members, keeping them up to date on best practices, technological advancements, installation procedures, certifications and licenses.